Clear ticket note when order is sent

So I want to clear the ticket note when I send the order, because I might not have time to clear it when I have too many orders.

@emre is there a program setting such as {:NOTE} that we have access to in order to set or clear a Ticket Note?

I tried using Update Program Setting Action with {:NOTE} as the Setting Name, but it didn’t work.

Or how about the action called Modify Variable? I Tried NOTE, Note, and {:NOTE} to no avail.

I see we have Edit Ticket Note listed as a Ticket Command so maybe if we could get a clear ticket note or simply get access to it to clear it.

Edit Ticket Note displays note editor.

If we don’t store notes there is no need to use Ticket Note feature at all. I think a custom behavior can be implemented by using Ask Question action and a local setting.


English please, haha how do I do it?

You could create a ticket tag called Note, create an auto command button called note and a rule to link them, so when the note button is pressed a keyboard appears to type your note which is added as a ticket tag

you would then use {TICKET TAG:Note} in your printer template to print it

then you would need another ticket tag action, set to Note but leaving the description blank, set that action in payment processed rule with a constraint of {TICKET TOTAL} EQUALS ZERO and it will remove the Note ticket tag when payment is processed, allowing you to still view the note everytime the ticket is opened or closed until it is paid in full


What is it you want to do?

lol what a mysterious post. Call Sherlock…

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