Code architecture Documentation

Hi everybody,

I would love to learn how SambaPos works, I really want to understand the code architecture of the project, I want to learn what each project’s responsibility is what it does.

Thanks in Advance

Not sure exactly what your asking but SambaPOS v4 onward are not opensource so if your referring to actual software coding your out of luck im afraid.
v3 was opensource so that might be what your after, its forum is on a different site - many on this forum have never used v3.
But V3 is getting old now, V5 is due out any day and if you look to use V3 you will soon be looking at new features in V4 and V5 which you wont have and then have to look to upgrade.
Main reason most who do continue to use V3 do so for language support being opensource however I beleive V5 should soon see language support improved.