Coffee Loyalty Points

All sorted!
This works:
Subtract Coffee Card Point

I had to add each item rather than be able to use the Tags (like I did when adding a point)

The answer is no, the '[=TN’and the ‘]’ have to be there.

You will have to keep the [=TN(’<x>’)], it converts the string to a number.

String is just a group of characters. Even though, they appear as numbers, in the database they are just characters. The TN tells Samba to treat them as numbers, that way it added, subtracted, multiplied…etc.

Thanks for the explanation Bob_be :+1:

I just added this as well:
It’s just a pop-up message that appears if the operator tries to give a free coffee when there are not enough points accrued.



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How are you. I’ve tried following all the steps in implementing loyalty points but it failed. Can u share with me where I can I find the right steps or tutorial. Thanks

The tutorial is referenced in the early posts (of this thread above) but that does points as a percentage of the sale. I just wanted 1 point per coffee sold so I changed it. All my changes are in this post above.

What part has failed for you?

Like for example. If someone walks in and buys something. That person gets a point.then after a while he can claim those points to use them. That’s what I want

I used ‘Menu Item Tag’ to add points. So each item that the customer buys needs to have the tag.

Hello @Dan,

You can find the related document in the below link;

Also here is another topic related to earning 1 point for each Coffee purchase and using them after a specific amount;

Thanks. I tried the second link - Tracking Promotions by Points and it’s exactly what I wanted but seems it’s a version 4. Because after following all the steps I can’t view the use points button. Kindly guide me if am missing something. Below is the screen shot which shows the use points button but on mine it doesn’t display

Can you show your Rules with laid out actions? We would need to see how you configured it to spot any issues and help you

Those are some of them

I can already spot one problem in your Update Order Action in your PRM_Use Points rule

Thats not valid value in Increase field, you can only put True or False there.

Can you show the rest?

I actually just imported this file below by Emre from database tools like u see the screen shot of the forum. Am using version 5.3.6. Have you used it before and it works

It probably doesnt work because this tutorial is for version 4 which is outdated and not supported. You are very likely going to have to update few things manually yourself for V5.

Feel free to share other details of your setup so we can help you troubleshoot it

Thanks so much for the effort to help but sharing all the screen shot will be really many. But this is the link I followed Tracking Promotions by Points I kindly wish if u can look through it and advice where to change so also others can learn from here and do the modifications. Thanks

Without knowing how the setup looks on your side, I cant compare it to tutorial to find the issues. So, you will have to either show screenshots or send me a copy of your database privately so I can have a look at it (development database, not whats actively used in your establishment).

As I mentioned before, look how this Update Order action looks like in the tutorial

And this is how it looks like for you, its an obvious error and needs to be corrected. Possibly one of many.

You can press print screen and paste directly into forum with control + v

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Thanks I have fixed it. I realized if you just import the file it doesn’t work but if u go step by step with the images it works. Thank you

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