Collect to delivery

Hi guys, I had a customer ordering, first he said he wants collection then changed his mind and said he wants delivery. I did not know a way to change the ticket from collection to delivery without cancelling the order and then go to customers find list and input number to get his details. Hope there is a easy way to cross this bridge. Cheers

The action “Change Ticket Properties” will allow you to change a ticket’s ticket type.

You can add a command button to the left of the ticket “Change Ticket Type” and prompt for ticket type to change to.

If you have calculations that are applied automatically (e.g. delivery charge) you will have to take that into account when switching tickets - remove or add them as needed.

I also like to add entry to the ticket log just for reference in case there’s an issue later.

The only issue is if you are using departments. If you are separating them with departments this wont be possible. I highly recommend using ingle department and ticket types.

@Pritz187 is using a setup by us, so is using departments however we have a common department for “Delivery / Collection” and then we are using ticket type to define the type of order throughout, i.e. Delivery, Collection, Takeaway, etc.

I have done before changing the Active Ticket Type of a ticket which does work, however we don’t set it up as standard on our setups because there are some caviats to using that - mainly the automation command buttons will not change until you close and re-open the ticket. So in our standard setup, we have some features that are different on delivery and collection (for example, delivery assign driver, delivery or collection time, display map on delivery, etc.) so those buttons would not change when you changed the ticket type from Delivery to Collection (or vice versa) but otherwise would work ok.

I will contact @Pritz187 directly regarding this.