Combined Payment for Takeaway and FineDining

Hello Team,

I am just clarifying whether its possible in our Samba POS

I have configured two departments namely

  1. Restaurant - The ticket creation method is Select Entity. I have the Service Charge for this
  2. Takeaway - The ticket creation method is Create Ticket. I do not have Service Charge for this

While taking order for the Department Restaurant, the customer might want to order for Takeaway [We should not calculate Service Charge for that]. Is it possible ?

You’ll create a Take Away ticket and click Select Table button to attach it to customers table. When you attach multiple tickets on a table you’ll see both tickets listed when you click on table. You can process tickets individually.

You won’t be able to merge tickets since they contain different rate calculations but if you think merging tickets is essential you can use automation features to merge tickets. So you can print single bill and settle whole ticket at once.

I’ve attached a working sample for you. You can review it for implementation details. (124.4 KB)

In this database you’ll see Force Merge button next to Merge Tikcets button. What this button roughly does is.

  • Loop through all listed tickets to convert rate calculations to fixed amount calculations.
  • Merge tickets.
  • Display resulting ticket.

Hello @emre,

Sorry to come back after long time.

I can see that you are using FixService after doing Force Merge

but where you are mentioning to use FixService in the Rules ?