Command to show Customer Information in Ask Question action

Happy Christmas to everybody!

I have implemented the ask question action before printing the customer receipt, everything is working fine but I can’t figure out how to show the customer information (I would like to have the name and ID number of the customer) within this message so the cashier can verified to be correct before printing.

I have try many printing template commands but I can’t get it to work and haven’t been able find related information on other posts.

If it is possible, could anyone help me with the command to get this information into the message? Thanks

What are you wanting?
You’ll probably want to specify entity type in that…
{ENTITY NAME:Customer}


The code posted by @JTRTech should work.

You should also keep in mind that Printer Tags are case-sensitive, and should always be in UPPERCASE for the primary portion, and mach the case of the sub-portion.

{ENTITY NAME:Customers}
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
 Primary     Sub-portion

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:CustomDataFieldName}
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Primary     Sub1      Sub2

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
 Primary     Sub1      Sub2

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone Number}
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Primary     Sub1      Sub2

You should be able to use Customer or Customers and both should work, but Emre has mentioned that the preference should be for the plural (Customers) since it is theoretically faster. If for some reason the plural is not working, you can fallback to the non-plural (Customer).


Thanks a lot that solved my problem!