Completely new to SambaPOS and need help with making an indian takeaway POS

I wanted to know if it is possible to ask any users to create me an indian takeaway delivery and collection POS for me.
I am opening up a new takeaway in the next month and my computer skills are quite basic.

  1. I have a menu with all the prices
  2. I will like to integrate SambaPOS with caller ID
  3. When I click on the POS screen, I want to see 3 options; 1) Delivery 2) Collection 3) Wait In Customer
  4. I would like to install three receipt printers, one for the reception, one for the delivery driver and one for the kitchen

I would firstly like to ask the Mods of SambaPOS forums if its permissible to ask the forum community to make me a system for my takeaway.
If it is possible, can I pay someone to custom design my SambaPOS from the forum to tailor my needs?



I am based in the UK, near Luton and would like help immediately

Yes its quite ok. But use the Ads forum category for this. I went ahead and changed your thread to the correct forum category.

If you can find someone to answer your ad then yes its ok to do this.

While there is nothing wrong with paying someone to help you design a system I would recommend you searching the forum specifically in the tutorial category and learning as much about it as you can. It will benefit your business tremendously if you understand how to address issues and or features yourself.

Please check your private messages. Thanks