Complex Situation

I have a customer a complex situation. He is a restaurant/cafe/school caterer. His restaurant is not in the school. So here are some scenarios:

  1. Orders for cafe and restaurant, no problems done that before
  2. As for the school orders, he gets parents coming in and order food for their kids to be delivered to the school for that student. Now the complication is at follow:
    a. They may order the food for same day delivery
    b. they also order to deliver days later, but they pay for it on the day when they place the order. So we going to need a a date selector top popup

He has different categories for school orders example sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, noodles and so on. What he wants is a screen similar to the kitchen display but with two conditions, 1. is to display summary of how many sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and noodles for that particular day and obviously update quantity as more orders come in 2. to have monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, Saturday, sunday tabs (or the dates of order instead fo monday, tuesday …with active items that hasn’t been flagged off, once the day has no active or current unprocessed orders, then it will disappear from date selection). By selecting the right day of the week it should display the order summary required on point no 1. Then select that summary and print then it should get flagged of the screen, when customers order more of these sandwiches then a new summary will appear.

See attached image


can anyone help please?


Ive been thinking about this and using states, something like this:

A customer orders some items for delivery on monday so you add all the items to the ticket that need to be made for delivery on monday for that customer

Once all items added you press a Monday Order button that updates the ticket state to ORDER DAY: Monday or something similar

You can then create a custom screen similar to the kitchen screen that will list any tickets with an ORDER DAY state of Monday, then you can view the orders on the ticket. These orders could then be cleared when complete by pressing an ORDER DELIVERED button or something similar that would change the ticket state from ORDER DAY: Monday to ORDER STATUS: Delivered (or something similar) so that it no longer shows on the screeb as we have changed the ticket state

You could recreate this and have 7 buttons on your ticket screen, one for every day of the week so when you enter orders on a new ticket you simply press the relevant delivery day button which will change the ticket state to that day and make it show on the correct screen that you want set up ie all tuesday orders on the tuesday screen etc

This will probably take a little time to setup and i dont use kitchen screens as my setup is for retail, there may be a better solution but ive recently done a few things with states as they are very flexible and let you do a lot of things and i think this would be a good way for you unless anyone else has any ideas

If i have time ill try and build something and see what i can do as its a little challenge for me :slight_smile: but it will take time as i dont have a lot of free time at the moment

Anything i do ill send you the database tools file so you can import and see how it works for you, but like i said this could take me some time

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I think custom reports can help you with this as well as Custom Entity screen, Ticket Lister, and some clever state work similar to what @RickH suggested above. Are you looking for help or are you looking for someone to build it for you? You might want to post in the AD forum category if your looking for someone to build it for you.

If you are looking for help then maybe share with us what you have managed to do so far and anything that seems to be a roadblock for you with specifics and we can help work through it.

It is possible to do almost anything with SambaPOS it may not look exactly like your image you made up but you should be able to build something similar in function.

BTW the majority of people on this forum are business owners and their time is precious. If you post a request for a complex setup and present it so it looks like your asking for someone to show you how to build it then you will more than likely get very little response. If you start trying to build it yourself and then run into a few issues with specific functions you will probably get more response.

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Thanks Rickh and Kendash for your response.

Maybe i should have been more detailed in the description. What i want to find out for now if it is possible to do this setup. Once i know it can be done then i’ll decide if i’ll do it or not. I actually don’t mind getting pro work done, i don’t want to be doing myself, so i’m even happy to pay for these kind of services but no one seems to be doing that yet.

So i take it from your answers, this can be done so great. let me think it over.

Rickh, if you have time and you like challenges, please feel free to put something together for me.

Thanks heaps guys :smile:

It can be done. And if for some reason we find a reasonable feature but something limits us from being able to do it we typically can get support from @emre to find a solution that works for us. This does not mean he will just develop our requests but it does mean if we find a reasonable feature that others will benefit from but something prevents it from working @emre is very good at developing solutions.

So basically virtually anything is possible with SambaPOS. However I don’t want to sound like a broken record and I am certainly not browbeating you but SambaPOS is driven by community and the more you give to community the more it gives back in return.

I could be wrong but from your post it sounds like your serving a client that needs a POS but you would prefer to source the work for him. This is perfectly acceptable but the forum may not provide much resource for you in this regard as most of the people on the forum do not have the time nor interest in this sort of work. However every once in a while someone sees a challenge and has the time to do these sorts of things. But from my experience it typically involves the other party contributing as well.

What I am trying to say is SambaPOS can serve your need but you may find it faster to dive in yourself and seek help when needed even though you may not be as interested in doing the work it could benefit you to attempt it.


Hi compwize. Have you ever managed to solve this problem?
I’m having exactly the same situation, so any help would be great…