Conditional Order Formatting in Ticket template

Hello, I wanted to insert a conditional format into the [ORDER] part of a ticket template.
SambaPOS recocnizes the condition but only applies it after it really happens and then forever.
Is this an issue/bug or is this not intended to work like this as all and therefore behaves not as it should.

[What I finally want to achieve is much more complicated but the condition shown, but in order not to have to explain too much I changed the example to a dummy condition to show the behaviour]

[='{NAME}'=='BROOKLYN' ? '<J10>-{QUANTITY} {NAME}' : '<J10>-{NAME} {QUANTITY}']

Your condition works fine, Name is Brooklyn so condition is


And Output is


For Lasagna and Taglietelle, because the Name is not Brooklyn, condition is


And output is


However this condition is only valid for GroupCode Plat [ORDERS:Plat] if you have any more orders from different groupcode they will not show as you only defined how to output Plat

Thats what I can tell from what you shown anyway.

@Posflow Indeed! It’s correct. The only fault is probably that I was too tired to see that it works.
Thank you.

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