Conditional Order Tags

Is it possible to have Order Tag groups to only display when an order tag has been selected in the first group.

Eg We have kits, set up as order tags The customer can select a combination of any 3.

Some of these order tags have sizes or other variables that do not relate to all products/Order Tags in Group 1

Is It possible to have say “order tag group : Sizes” to only display when the order tag “shoes” is selected in Group 1

Please demonstrait how you have setup?
I think you might strugle to have dynamic order tags based on other order tags…
You might need to automate some of the options rather than use tags to achive what your looking to do.
An example would be an order tag added/updated rule with constraint of tag group = shoes with an ask question to add the second option/tag, for size maybe an update/tag order action using [?Prompt] for the tag name to display a keyboard/numberpad to enter the size.

I think you could benefit from suffix. For example:


The options small or large or color only show when you click those tags.

You enter the tags exactly like I showed to enable suffix options