Configure SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express edition

In early I used SQL Server 2014. Now I want to use SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express edition. But I am not sure is it compatible or want to know which one will be more compatible. anybody can guide me in this case?

The difference for the average user is negligible.
SQL is based on standards which are compatable.
2016 added some abilities some have used in more advanced scripting but for average user there would be no difference in functionality.
Think 2016 has higher limits on spec than 2014 but you haven’t given much info on anything other than upgrading SQL.
Chances are you will experience no difference beyond running a newer updated SQL server version.

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The only feature you would notice is the JSON support but if you do not know what that is or how to use it then you would not notice any difference at all.

Thanks all for your response.