Congratulations, 50th V4 release uploaded

We’ve published about 40 releases for v2, 36 releases for V3 and I’ve just uploaded 50th V4 release. We made it just in 8 months so thank you very much for using SambaPOS and inspiring us to create better tools for awesome people.

  • Inventory Transaction Document improved for tab key usage.
  • Cancel Orders action released to cancel selected, unsubmitted or last added order line.
  • Better navigation for reports on tablets.
  • Duplicating Account Transaction Types when exported with Account Transaction Documentes issue fixed.
  • Crashing when null product group value exported issue fixed.
  • Export warning for Ticket Type Entity references added.
  • Database tools module exports / imports custom reports and scripts.
  • Update Ticket Tag action supports wildcard tagging. If you enter name as XYZ* it updates value for all tags that’s name starts with XYZ.
  • Payment screen payment’s list displays a scrollbar if a lot of payments are listed.
  • Account Screen automation command buttons displays button colors and wrapped captions.
  • We can insert Custom reports into End of Day report.
  • Custom Report @@SQL handlers supports parameters. @@SQL:a updates @1 parameter with a value.
  • Many tiny issues fixed for better and easier usage.