Connecting to the Message Server in V5

When I try to connect to the Message Server on port 8585 in V5 I get the following message ‘The channel TCP is already registered’. The message server shows connected but my other 2 stations throw the error.

you only need to run the server on 1 till, the rest just connect to it. Are you sure your not trying to make them all run the server?

failing that change the port to 8080 or something

Thanks for the reply. I only have one message server and my other 2 stations connect to that server. I’ll try a different port and see if that fixes the issue. It’s been working fine and all of a sudden starting throwing the error.

Once again, thank you for the response.

That clearly suggests message server is already running. Please ensure you’re not running both standalone and windows service versions.

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I think that is what I was doing. Which is better to run?

Service is best if your running multi terminal and ever plan to use any of the GQL features

Thank you for the reply. I got it running again installing it as a service.