Connection error on sambapos moblile client

Good morning Guys, today I was trying to show my Manager how Sambapos mobile client works and have been using it for a while and today I hit a bit of a snag. I keep getting an error which says: connection error

Do you have license or you want to use demo ?

Ok which version SambaPOS do you use?

i use latest version 5

5.2.18 ? Is that correct ?

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yes that is correct … please check the image i sent to you any problem with it

Yes i saw the CP screenshot but it doesnt give me the version information.
Can you check these steps:

  • Is your message server running?
  • Is your firewall is configured for this port or disabled?
  • Do you write correct settings (message server address and port etc) in Mobile Client?

Good morning
message server is running
firewall is disabled
port is 9000 and IP address is static

After saving settings you press the Update button and you get this error. Is this correct?

it updates completely when i want to enter the pin code it gives error
also can i use waiter Pin to login in
because on the documentation i use only pda account to login

Of course you can use waiter pin. If your update completed it havent got any connection error.
Please use another pin to login.

i tried all that , i think it a databse issue but am not sure

Do you control your User and Application settings ? Which user name did you write. And do you check it’s password?

thank you I solved the problem by changing the IP
it seems it was conflicted and it was giving the connection error.
Thank you for your help

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one more thing , is it possible to show comment on order when printing ?

Of course. You can use both Order Tags or Ticket Tags for it.

do you have any configurations to direct me to ?
i really appreciate

Free tag will do it. Click on item And type a freetag.

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