Connection String

Hi, at my work we have samba Pos 5.
This error came up the other day and a member of staff managed to get it to go away, but the error has come back and I’m pretty clueless as how to fix it, but the program won’t load at all.

Help please

Detail youser setup?
Multiple terminals?
Where is SQL database?

If single terminal check SQL is running by checking services.
If multi terminal is SQL onanother machine? If so check network connection. Are other terminals having same issue?

We have the 1 wifi run computer with the software on it, which has 1 ticket printer into it via cable. The SQL database is on the same computer as far as I’m aware.

If SQL is local on the machine then wifi is irrelevant although is it is local then there is no need to use the hostname in the connection string and the PC name can be replaced with ‘localhost’ ie RBOFFICE\SAMBAPOS becomes localhost\SAMBAPOS
However are you sure? The PC name RBOFFICE in a clean logical system would sugest SQL is located on a back office machine…
If it is remote and your connected via wifi the wifi may well be the issue.
Check the PC name of the till machine.

Basically it means SQL Server may not be running. Go to start and type services to access windows services then check that SQL Server is running if its not start the service.