Constraint Command Value

How to get Command Value from Cancel from C (ONC)

[?Jumlah Tamu;[1-9]|[1-9]\d|[1-9]\d\d|[1-9]\d\d\d;;ONC;]

i have rule if, ticket tag ask at before ticket open, wil ask how much cover people, and if cancel wil not open new ticket.

You cant as far as I know.
You could try adding an execute automation command action after the update ticket tag (using Background = True) option to make it wait for prompt to be closed.
Then have a second rule for automation command executed (that previous action) and then in this rule make constraints to check that the tag was set and close the new ticket straight away if no tag (cancel or blank was selected)
You wont be able to ‘not open ticket’ as this first rule itself is on ticket opened event so ticket is already open but you could close it straight away if no value entered in prompt.
Have you tried the ask before creating ticket option on tag?

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Have you tried the ask before creating ticket option on tag?
Yes, i tried it and work, but i must store value at tag, and not flexible.
if we can make it flexible for user to input how much cover of people.

I do mine on ticket close and it automatically calculates based on number of main meals and prompt is then is this correct with option to overide if needed.

Either way, the rest of my comment stands about a seccond rule triggered from command action after the prompt;

at second rule, what constraint for Ticket Tag?
i test to constraint :slight_smile:

{TICKET TAG:TagName} is null probley

{TICKET TAG:Cover} is null >> not work
{TICKET TAG:Cover} equal (blank) >> not work too

Can you show where your using and what your doing?

this constraint not work

Add a show message action with {TICKET TAG:Cover} and do one where you do put in a value in the prompt to check the expression, the tag name is definalt cover?

i use action Update Ticket Tag u prompt message

That’s not what I meant,
In the seccond rule add a show message action with ticket tag:cover as message and open a ticket and set a value and make sure message comes up with expected value.

A simpler way to do this is:
ticket tag setup:

sub tags:


When opening a ticket:

So you cant carry on until it is selected and you can add more people afterwaords:

And it shows on the standard work period report:

sorry, how to display value ticket tag at message?