Constraint help for close button


Ive got samba set up so that when payment is processed the following happens:

Message displaying tender amount and change appears
Ticket Closes
Samba logs out

This works perfectly, my issue is that the ticket closing and change message rule is setup as a “Ticket Closed” rule so if i enter TICKETS from the main menu, select a ticket to view, then press the CLOSE button this activates the rule and closes the ticket, displays the change and logs out as shown below. However, from the ticket screen when looking back at an order I do not want to see the change message and get logged out, is there a constraint I can add to my rule so it only happens during a transaction and NOT when looking at a ticket already processed from the TICKET screen?

This is what happens

select tickets

select and open a ticket

now when clicking the close button i want to go back to the ticket screen, instead the rule kicks in and displays the change and logs me out

this is a copy of the rule that is automating the display change and logout actions on ticket closed, what other custom constraint do i need to add?

thanks in advance


EDIT - I just had a thought to move the “close ticket and show change” rule to payment processed instead of ticket closed and it seems to work as i want now

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Just put a constraint so if admin is logged in it wont execute action.

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