Constraint on Merge Ticket?


I am facing a new issue :smile:

When my ticket has been printed, it cannot be merged anymore for what ever the reason.

To prohibit merging when the ticket has been printed, I would like to add a constraint on merge.
For instance to be able to merge ticket only if SerialNumbert (a custom numeric ticket tag) is empty.

Today a waiter printed the ticket (Table Bill Requested, Ticket Locked, SerialNumber Ticket Tag not empty) and then merge this ticket with another one and mess everything.

Another related issue:

When ticket has been printed out:

  • Ticket is updated to Locked and Unlocked Ticket is enable.
  • Print Bill is visible but disable, great, that is what I need.

However, even with these conditions (Ticket is Locked), without Unlocking the ticket it is possible to modify it (New Orders, Voiding orders), but also Print Bill is re-enabled.

Would not it be handier to have to Unlock the ticket first before been able to add or delete orders on a printed out ticket and eventually put a confirmation or admin code on Unlock Ticket ?

Problem for me (in Peru) is that printing is very importnat, actually it is the only legal paper, so I am trying to avoid human errors.

Thank you,


@plume I’ve noted it. We have few hardcoded features such as merge, move tickets and we need to re-implement these features with actions to be able to fulfill your request.

As some of you already knows I’m focused on forming a team behind SambaPOS to continue development of some integreated projects. These days I’m traveling a lot for some meetings. I’m looking forward to complete them and be back on business. Thanks to everyone for helping people while I’m away. I’ll have some great news soon.