Consumption or Cost report issue

I have a very strange mistake that I can’t catch.

reports wherever used Cost or Consumption (eth. {REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:X} or {REPORT COST DETAILS:X}

not displayed on some days.
but when you take data for a longer period then the data is correct (compared directly with sql manager studio)

for exemple report {REPORT COST DETAILS:X}

it happens often enough For example, in April, I can not see the report for 02.04,06,13,16,19,22,23,25 day

Who faced a similar problem?

Dont quote me here as I might be completely wrong. But depending on the reprting tags you could be pulling data from an EOD record.

I do not know if I understand you correctly, but EOD takes its data from the same table in the database as a report.

P.S. all EOD records are correct

You have to realize that reports are not stored they are generated. I would have to check to be sure but I think cost tag reports after work period ends and eod records are generated.

no one else has encountered such a problem?

For me, this problem is again relevant, since sometimes the audit of stock needs to be carried out according to historical data, and the export date does not show any data



Are you closing wp? Or using virtual wp?

close wp.
it’s all in a working restaurant(!), not a test setup

p.s however, this problem is observed in two different working restaurants
(one on 5.2.18
second on 5.2.22)