Consumption report wrong?

Hi there,

Recently we’ve purchased V5, and we’ve made a custom report, to know which items, from which warehouses were used, and the costs, but the costs are wrong. About 60% of items don’t have cost (exactly 0 cost) but in the Warehouse and End of Day sections are correct. Here is the report:

[Consumption:3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3]

>Name|Warehouse|Unit|Qty|Unit Price|Total Cost

{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Warehouse,C.Unit,C.Consumption,C.Cost, ([C.Cost]*[C.Consumption]):C.Consumption != 0}

I have two questions:

  • how can i fix this in the report?
  • can i print somehow Management -> Inventory -> End of Day entries?


Can you demonstrate us the error so we can fix that?

I made a screenshot from the report (another problem is that it’s not grouped if i select a date range like on the image) and the Warehouse report is OK.


Your inventory levels shouldn’t be negative. I mean you should properly keep record of your purchases to be able to see a correct cost value. By the way the report shows totals beginning from 1 June. Warehouse screen displays latest state for active work period. So they obviously won’t match.

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Thanks for your reply @emre !
I made a transaction (Cooking oil) and sold 3 pcs of a product which needs oil for preparation, and here are the results (without price) also in reports:

Maybe it’s important but i’ve set up 3 Warehouses and the ingredients of the sold item is substracted from the warehouse which the final product belongs to. Thanks!

Are you purchasing cooking oil in 100ml’s? I think there is a problem with your unit configuration. It generally configured as

Base unit > ml
Transaction Unit > Liter > 1000ml.
Additional Unit > Can > 5 Liter… etc.

So you define your recipes in ml’s and make transactions in either liters or cans (eg. how you purchase).

I’ve configured in a similar way. The difference is that the transaction unit is 100ml because the reports can’t display additional units (as i know). In some cases we have a bottle of 1.75 L and the report will say that i have 3.38 bottles - because we sell in 50ml’s.

So the ingredient is all right, also the recipe. What could be the problem? Thanks!

The problem is inventory is negative. Maybe you’re purchasing to warehouse A but decrease from Warehouse B… You should move items between warehouses if you need to manage multiple warehouses. If you mean to group bar, kitchen items you can use warehouse code instead of defining multiple warehouses. Multiple warehouses are useful if you have multiple kitchens.

Items grouped by code.