Contraint is {SETTING} is null

I have a popup that pops up every time a food item is selected.

What constraint would I put in that action to prevent it popping up every time a food item is selected?

I have tried Action COnstraint as

[=TN(’{SETTING:TableNumber}’)] != ‘’

Ive tried the rule constraints too as


Since you are converting to a number with TN(), the resulting value will never be an empty string. If {SETTING:TableNumber} is empty (or if it contains a value that cannot be converted to a number) and it is converted to a number using TN(), then the resulting value will be 0 not blank …

[=TN('{SETTING:TableNumber}')] != 0
[=TN('{SETTING:TableNumber}')] > 0
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ok so should I not use [=TN ?

I just tried both of the above and the action still fires

LOL, well, put a Show Message Action in the Rule with:


Post a screenshot of the Message.


TBL: 7

Its not resetting the setting on ticket close, so I guess I need to do that to start

edit Table 7 was what I did on the previous test ticket

OK Ive sort of sussed it

It pops up only on the first time now as I’ve set it as

[=TN('{SETTING:TableNumber}')] < 0

and then I reset it on payment processed (it’s own rule) to go back to 0

On the kitchen printer it always prints Table Number: 0

I have sorted the order of the rules so that it prints first then resets, but it still always prints a 0

I have also set the action to reset it in the print to kitchen rule, and ordered it to have the print kitchen first but again it still shows the 0

any idea?

reset on ticket opening solved the problem.

thanks for the help on this matter :slight_smile:

If you have T or TB etc in your entity name TN would struggle to convert to number as its a string containing letters.

It only pops up a numpad? so its only numbers entered. It does work as expected