'Copy Customer Detail' Option under Search option

Can anyone confirm if it is possible to have a option tab ‘Copy Customer’ under Search?
This would enable us to amend customer details quickly if they are living on the same street. all the user would need to do is amend the name, phone and door number field for new customer.

Are you talking about something like the UK postcode database?

Hi John,

yes, the POST code database would work.

Currently we have not integrated the POST code database as this would take some time. We have gone live and everything is going well so far. when staff are taking takeaway orders they would enter customer details. For example customer 1 details is already stored in the database from previous order. New Customer 2 phones in, staff would ask for the POST code first and look up under search. They would have identified customer 2 details is similar to customer 1 except for the Name, Phone and House number, all other details are exactly same. Quick solution is to have a option called ‘Copy Customer’ so that customer 1 record can be edited with Customer 2 details. currently staff would need to enter all the field for customer 2 using ‘New Customer’.

Customer 1:
Name: David
Phone: 020 8765 1234
Address: 123 The Road
Region: London (Town)
POST Code: AL2 2DQ

Customer 2:
Phone: 0845 1234 5678
Address: 48 The Road
Region: London (Town)
POST Code: AL2 2DQ

Hi John,
I am finally setting up a Delivery department, I was trying to setup a postcode database just as described in the above link. I used a .txt and also .csv file placed this in C:\ and in custom fields under Values.
Example of a string: “1901EH” , “Dorpsstraat” , “Castricum”.
Both of them didn’t worked am I missing a key setting.

@Marza, can you post a screenshot of the custom fields for your customer entity, and also attach a same of the txt file.

I did a smaller example of the postcode file,.
Postcode.zip (46.4 KB)

The txt file should be comma separated - your using semicolons.
You can also try putting the Postcode field above Straat & Plaats.

Did not worked with comma separated, I also tried it with double quotes en comma, exact like like in the tutorial

Just setup as per the tutorial and all works.
All fields in the TXT file need to be in quotes.


If your running Win8, try putting the txt file in a directory, ie c:\postcode\postcode.txt. Win8 doesn’t like you playing with the Root directory of C:\

Also you are listing 4 fields in the TXT file but only using 3 ??

Also, I found that I needed Postcode above the other fields for them all to auto fill.

@JohnS Yes I have 4 fields but I use 3, shall I delete the the field I don’t use?. I will try you suggestions.

@JohnS Spot on, it was the root where the file was in causing the problem. Again fixed, credits to you. Thanks

Hi John,

I am from UK.

I managed the work postcode database. But in the same postcode there are more than one address if i type NW3 1AA it should allow me to choose which door number or house name i want before filling in the rest of the fields ?