Copy SambaPOS menu, settings,actions


I want to copy the samba settings like menu items, db configuration, custom reports, actions, rules, printers and all except the tickets and their orders and their calculations and stuff to another pc.

i am familiar with sql management studio also, but dont know which tables to copy and paste and which to leave.

In Management Studio, right click your database, go to ‘Tasks’ Choose Back up

You can then select the destination to where u want the database saved or note the location of where the database file is, press ok to make the backup happen, then go to the directory and folder of where the file is stored and you will have your database file.

In your other PC, you will right click “Databases” and go “Restore Database”

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Thank you so much.

But that will copy all the tickets and all the transactions as well. i dont want any of those details. i only need a fresh system with required details like menu items, their prices, actions, rules, settings reports related to it.

Copy the database first, then on your new one that you restore, use Database Tasks “clear transactions” to delete all transactions, tickets, etc.