Copying Entity Screens don’t save new changes

@emre think there’s an issue when copying entity screens

I’ve copied one to keep part of the format the same but change other parts but everytime I save my changes the original copied entity appears back with any changes i made also on the screen

I’ve noticed this when I’ve copied an entity screen with just a report widget, I can’t copy that entity screen and change the report to another as when I do it also changes the report in the original screen that was copied

Only way round it is to create new screens and not copy them

original screen

ive started to amend the copied entity screen

but when i then save it (exit design mode) it adds everything ive deleted back on

Probably something to do with the layout files

Are those layout files ones i can delete that “recreate” next time samba loads?

Yes you can. But don’t delete them all.

I’ve notice when I delete an item with the keyboard, the item will reappear after exiting design mode. When I right click then select delete from the popup, SambaPOS remembers the change when exiting design mode.

I never knew delete key worked. I swear it didn’t. Maybe I was wrong.

Well,it kinda doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That might be why then!! I used right click and delete to delete an auto command button which remained deleted

When I cleared most of the screen I held shift and selected all and pressed delete on keyboard and it’s those that then came back

@emre any fix you can do for pressing delete key instead of right click and clicking delete?

Hahah Yes I found this out the hard way too.

Using the “Delete” Key in your keyboard will remove it from the screen, but it will not be removed from the screen once changes are applied.

however right click “Delete” works! When you do it this way, it actually removes it and saves it.