Cost Report and Order Tags not working properly

Hi everyone, I dont know what am I doing wrong, but Cost report doesnt display price and rate properly for inventory items via Order Tags, I describe the issue with screenshots:

Add master product Lata (Can of soda):

Add Ingredient product Coca Cola

Add order tag Group for Lata Master Product and Link Order Tag Coca Cola to Coca Cola Ingredient Product

Add Inventory Item for Coca Cola Ingredient Product

Add recipe for Coca Cola Ingredient Product linked to Coca Cola Inventory Item

Add recipe for Lata Master Product

Purchasing 1 Charola (24 Coca Cola)

Purchase was made

Ordering 3 Coca Cola

Inventory decreases by 3

Display Cost Screen, which I dont understand if its displaying information right.

Inventory report its Ok

Cost Report, at least for my understanding its not displaying information properly, because, Coca Cola row it not displaying Price and Rate correctly, and Total its 6 instead of 3. What did I do wrong? thanks for your help!

Change Cost report as follows.

[Cost Report:5, 3, 3, 3, 3]
{REPORT COST DETAILS:[C.Name]+'.'+[C.PortionName],C.Quantity.Sum,[([C.Cost]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/[C.Quantity.Sum],[([C.AvgPrice]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/[C.Quantity.Sum],[($4-$3)/$3];%##.00;-%##.00;-:CostItem.Cost!=0}
>Total|{REPORT COST DETAILS:C.Quantity.Sum,[([C.Cost]*[C.Quantity]).Sum],[([C.AvgPrice]*[C.Quantity]).Sum],[($3-$2)/$2];%##.00:CostItem.Cost!=0}

Order Tag for Coca Cola does not have a price so average price for it is 0.
You didn’t purchased Lata so Cost for Lata is also 0.

I changed the report and I added price to order tag ($15), but still cost report its price $0, do I need to do something more?