Crash report 4.1.37

version: 4.1.37

every time I enter ‘0.000xx’ in the Exchange Rate, SambaPOS crashes. I have report this using the app report. Is this the proper way to report bugs?

If you enter 0.xx does it work ?

SambaPOS only supports 2 decimal places. What currencies are you using ?

Hi @JohnS,

actually I accidentally put the wrong format. SambaPOS should be able to handle this kind of human error rather than crash.

I also notice that the Exchange Rate is not working. It shows 0.00 on the sale screen even though I have put the rate in the currency list. Any idea?

I see why it was not working. I need 5 digits after the decimal point. Looks like this feature will not be supported any time soon. The exchange rate here is $1 = 4000 local currency

We assume you’ll use SambaPOS in your local currency and configure $ as a foreign currency with exchange rate configured as 4000. Why don’t you prefer doing that?

@emre, we use $ in the config of the SambaPOS and configure the local currency as a foreign currency in SambaPOS (we accept USD here and it is a preferred currency over the local one).

I have tested too to add 4000 in the exchange rate but it does not seem to work. Any limitation on the amount of the exchange rate too?