Create an A4 certificate

There is a new barbers shop opposite that is opening at the end of this month, and I am creating them a new system using samba (they are also selling mens clothing).

I was asked this morning if it was possible to create a “First haircut” certificate where the till prompts them for a name when they buy a “First Haircut” and then prints a certificate from an a4 printer.

It sounds pretty doable, I can easily do the printer template and tell it to use the right template but I wondered how Iwould go about creating a product that asks for information?



You could have every new ticket automatically ask you if the customer is new, select no to carry on with the sale, select yes would make a keyboard pop up to enter customers name, this name would be stored as a ticket tag and you can use the ticket tag setting in your A4 template to print the name wherever you want

Would be an arse way, imagine they sell more clothes than first haircuts. If EVERY time a customer came in it asked “is this a new customer”…?

Surely must be a way through a setting on the item? (a bit like how gift voucher works?)


There is a way using custom product tags. I’ll explain more when I’m home. Basically you set custom product tag for that item and use rules on order added to ticket checking that tag via custom constraint. If it meets it then it activates action of your choice.

Additionally you can tie it into customer entities. It can store a setting for first haircut. If customer already had one it wont prompt. If its new customer or current customer that has not had one it will prompt. The setting can be entity custom data.


You could set the ask question to only appear using the order added rule, then add custom constraint for the menu items you want the question to ask for then add the ask question action

If you constraint for item “haircut” the popup asking is the the customers first haircut would only appear when the “haircut” product button is pressed and added to the ticket

Custom product tags is also a good idea, if you search for the age restricted setup that uses custom products tags and when the age restricted product tag is set to true, when that product is added a message appears asking id proof of id is needed

You could use the exact same setup and change the details

Custom product tag = first haircut

If that setting is set to true for any products then then the popup will appear to ask, you then select yes or no, yes would display keyboard to enter customers name as a ticket tag and you then use that in your print out

Have a read of the age restricted setup

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I will have a good read tomorrow. Looks doable. :slight_smile: