Create Package Menu for DJ BAR

Dear All,
I want to create Package Menu in Table management function.
For example:
VIP Package

  • 1 Gold Label
  • 1 Coke
  • 1 Sprite
  • 1 Redbull
  • 1 IceMug
  • 1 Fruit Plate
  • 4 Entrees
    When guest come to counter, we will select Table No: TBL01. and Choose Package Menu, then Settle Bill directly and collect money at entry.
    But,We want :
  1. Send Orders to BarPrinters
  2. TBL01 must be in occupied
  3. Allow adding new orders
    Somebody, guide me.

Easiest is create a filler item $0.01 add that to ticket too. After paid still have 1cent balance so ticket won’t close and when you want to close just void it.

Thanks Sukasem,
Your idea is somehow we can do it.But I don’t want Cashiers or Waiters to do “Void”.

Clone void button and set constraint to this item only. I think “{PRODUCT NAME}” Equals “Filler”

If you got familier with samba states flow you could create a new flow of occupied and unoccupied, add updates to follow the flow of the default New Orders, Bill Requested etc flow and use that state for the entity formatting state.
This then allows you to do a manual or automatic 'occupied state on tables without messing up the default new orders etc flow.
But dont try that unless you understand states as if you mess with default entity states blindly youll likely mess stuff up.

Thanks for your advise.But i am really new member here.Could you please guide me with PrintScreens?

Unfortunately I just don’t have time at the minute to do a step by step guide…
Oit of interest though who would be responsible for marking the table as unoccupied when they leave?