Create Sub Menu Samba POS4

First of all I would like to say thank you to all of the developer who offer this program for free…Thank you very much.

We do start running soon 1 Thai Restaurant and we do have for each Menu the option to choose for Normal / Medium and Spicy.

As example: I do have 1 menu called Soup. When I press on the Soup Button I would like to be happen next;

  • All Soups appear. After I selected 1 Soup it should appear the option: Normal / Medium / Spicy

For your help I would like to thank you in advance.

Kind regards


You want to use Order Tags (product modifiers). You can create an Order Tag group and assign it to your whole Soup menu category. Read more about the various options here:

For your specific case, I have done something recently myself for an Indian restaurant. You can see when select a product, there is options for spice level.

^Thank you very much for your quick reply. For the soup I´ve done it and its working great !!.
For the drinks I am more into different like Beer: When I press the Beer Button (at Beverages) it will appear brand large or small. like one sub menu of beer.

Thank you so much and I wish you all happy new year



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For this you need to use Portions. When you add your beer product, add the various portions (e.g. Small, Large, etc.) here:

If you just add portions to a product, when you press the menu item button, the first portion will be added by default. If you want to make the portions screen appear each time you press the item button, you need to turn on Auto Select for that item in Products > Menu List > (select menu) > (select category) > Edit Product Properties.

Alternatively, you can set menu item buttons to automatically use a specific portion - in which case, enter the Portion name like below:

You could then create multiple buttons for the same product in your menu where each one would be for a portion, e.g. Beer.Small and Beer.Large.