Create ticket and send kitchen order with zero price item


updated the ticket close rule to have keepopen state instead of update ticket status

-When I add 0 priced item the keepopen state is actually false
-the first method u showed me did keepopen but the following gives false when order added:

Set first action to set state as true.
Add constraint ON THE ACTION of [=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)] = 0

On the second one set the state as FALSE
Add actions constraint of [=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)] > 0



Ok, let me have a look tomorrow evening when get back to office and can get on my device machine and will sort some full screenshots.


thank you so much, very appreciated :slight_smile: looking forward to hearing from u , goodnight


Those are the main to.
You just then need to make sure the befroe ticket closing rule with the void constraint etc is setup as needed to ‘catch’ the senarios that may leave keepopen true like if you ass a 0 priced order then cancel it and close.


thank u for screenshots , still same problem

zero priced order added Keepopen state: False
same as ticket screenshot above.

this is killing me , special menu is on Sunday where they need the zero priced orders so i have until then to fix it.

would it be possible to have a sample database i can import to my laptop and go through the optioms 1 by 1?

if not I understand , i am really sorry for taking ur time just trying to get this sorted


PM me your backup.

You are either doing it wrong or have other rules interfering, this screenshots I tested and works fine for me.

All me sending you a backup will do is give you a empty DB with default products and default setup plus the two rule i screenshot for you… Achives nothing.


thank u will pm u the back up in one hour when i get to the main till


There is something funky going on with your quotes…
Mine are vertical, yours are slanted…
When I cange the quotes by just overtyping it works…

[=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)] == 0
[=TN('{TICKET TOTAL}')] == 0

This is likely going to be messing up other parts of the system if you have any non basic constraints.

Also, not sure but pretty sure your attempt at autologout is not right… It kicks me out of manage back to nav after x seconds


Thank u for reply, ill try the brackets, i dunno what is wrong with the log out , it started happening after i installed the conditional task of time clock


I have fixed the autologout by removing the timeclock auto logout rule.
I fixed the QUOTES , now when i add a zero priced item the ticket keepopen state is TRUE but when i close ticket it just disapears. it does print to kitchen but doesnt stay open , whole ticket disapears


if i add order with zero price KeepOpen state is True
if i add another 0 priced : still true
if i add priced order its false
but if i close ticket with zero priced total it does send to kitchen but then disapears, the whole order just disapears doesnt stay open


A) it doesn’t disappear, it closes and isn’t shown on entity screen anymore which is set to show unpaid and bill requested tickets.

Check your quotes on the before ticket closing rule…


i checked the quotes , all fixed , copied the quotes from ur code and added them just to be in the safe zone :slight_smile:, what can i do to keep it in the entity screen as its still not showing after order is sent to kitchen


send a fresh backup and will have a look when I get home.


Thank you , will send soon when I get to the restaurant , thank you


You not notice the mistake?;


{TTICKET STATE:KeepOpen} is never going to return anything so instantly messing it up

'{TICKET STATE:KeepOpen}' it needs to be.


@S-SHERIF, I noticed that when opened the rule but do yourself a favour and make yourself a generic ask question action and when you arent getting expected result C&P your constraints etc into the question on the action where somethings not working as expected and remove/bypass constraints (set to any and add 1=1 or something), that way you can see what the expressions your using in your sonstraints are returning.
In this example you would have been expecting it to show as ‘True’ but you would have been getting blank…


Thank you so much , it works, i feel so stupid :blush: thank you