Creating different reports


I have created these product categories:

  1. Soft Drinks
  2. White Wine
  3. Entree
  4. Mains

Is there a way to group 1&2 into an upper level say “Drinks” and 3&4 under “Food”. Because currently when you create a report it shows in the sales total of 1,2,3 & 4 separately and then we have to manually add 1&2 together then 3&4 together.

I hope this makes sense.

Or if there is a way to use third party reporting system such as crystal reports.


Hi again,

Can you please respond to this post as soon as you can. I need an answer pretty soon please.


What is the reason to create 1 & 2 categories if you want to see them under drinks category?

Sorry about that, Ok it looks like I didn’t make sense.

This the setup (please see images below):
Terminal 1 (Bar Terminal): will have only the “Drinks” categories see the POS Screen.png below
Terminal 2 (Kitchen Terminal): will have both Drinks and Food

Now, if we sold drinks on terminal 1&2 and we create end of day report on terminal 1, will it display sales made on terminal 2 as well or just on that terminal? Because we pay loyalty of all drinks sold on terminal 1 but not the drinks sold on terminal 2. So in other words we just want to report what drinks were sold on terminal 1. Have in mind that they are the same drinks same products and same recipe.

Also have a look at the report below, can we make it produce reports listing Food and Drinks sales instead of Entree, Bottles, Tabs and so on… like how it is listed below?

Also this is how i setup my menu

Thanks you

In SambaPOS you don’t need to match Product Categories to Menu Categories. You can safely change product categories to organize them for your reports. On future releases we’ll build reports for custom product tags so I think it will better suit your needs.

Separating product sales by terminal is something different. I’ve added it to our todo list to discuss it with team.

Also I’ve noticed you have duplicate Close Ticket commands in your Automation Commands lists. You can disable one of them to prevent double Close buttons.

Thank you. It will be good if you could get reports based on terminal and if you also make it easy to make a category a subcategory of another category.