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I would like to provide free wifi to my customer (like starbucks). but i don’t know how to setup. I have read the following article but it is for advance user

is there anyone who can submit the full tutorial step by step ( My computer knowledge is very poor)


There is no way to provide a step-by-step Tutorial for this because it depends on the Router Firmware which differs greatly from one brand to another.

You must be an advanced user with very good knowledge of the Router firmware, and the methods required to update Wi-Fi passwords for that particular Router. This involves running Shell commands on the Router, using Telnet or SSH. It is not for the faint of heart and done improperly, you even run the (small) risk of bricking your Router.

This kind of setup would probably be easier via a radius server and captive portal.
A wifi intergration/setup is on my list but quite a way down TBH

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Possibly you could just use an off-the-shelf hotspot solution, like: - (used personally, I have a reseller account with them) - you can buy pre-configured routers from them directly, or you can put their custom firmware on a number of supported routers. I’ve set this up on a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND V3 and it works fine. - (not used but researched before) - buy their small device that connects to your network, pretty much plug & play I believe.

Zydel do a setup with a thermal printer which prints tickets…

The radius idea was that it would run of an SQL base which would be easy to integrate through :slight_smile:

With a bit of know how you could easily replicate this, guarantee at its core its only going to be a captive portal and radius server for vouchers/logins.
Their box/firmware will just be preconfigured to show the splash page/captive portal and link back to their remote radius server

Hotspotsystem does that too, but never tried.

It has an API so would hazzard a guess it shouldnt bee to hard to do an intergration to generate and grab a code and add to the ticket.
Id just refuse to pay a subscription when its still your own line/internet and hardware LOL

Yeah, but hotspotsystem are providing a cloud based platform for management and monitoring, and you can capture all the user details / social logins via that then integrate with other services via Zapier. They do have free plans but limited to 500 sessions a month (1 session is 1 user connecting 1 device for the connection duration you set).

looked at that before, thats is (or was) a very expensive service.

They have free plan. I use the free plan all the time, I automate part of my time tracking and invoicing using it. I don’t need more than 100 tasks/month so it’s fine.

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Arrr, ok, must have either been a similar system or an older price structure when I looked (was ages ago) was something like £50 p/m flat price but looks like they have broken it down, is much more reasonable :slight_smile:

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My Router is Hawai HG532d. I have another spare Belkin N600DB Wireless Modem Router (Model F9J1102 v2 (01A)) with fully updated firmware. I would like to give a try.

can anyone demonstrate on their router so that I can get some idea. how to setup.

Thanks in Advance

Try what exactly? We’ve been talking about a few things.

I don’t mind. if my router gets corrupted after running commands because I have another spare router which i can utilise in case if it gets faulty

Find out if your router is supported by ddwrt.
Google it, it’s in no way related to samba and they have their own forum etc with tutorials.
Any for of setup like the one origionally linked will need some form of opensource firmware.
Doubt any of it would be posible with a stock manufacturer firmware.

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Thanks for your kind information

I will google it

If you check hotspotsystem they have step by step guides, however I don’t think your hardware is officially supported. That just means you will need to try it, like JTRTech said if you can get ddwrt or openwrt on it, then you can just follow the generic guides on hotspotsystem on how to install the hotspot under those firmwares. As I recall ddwrt has built in support for hotspot and you just need to enter some details for hotspotsystem to get it working, but I just read that - when I did it, I used the supported hardware.

I would point out though, it is quite advanced and time consuming, and you could brick your router very easily if you are not careful.

I would suggest you just take an easier route - buy a TP-Link TL-WR841N, its a cheap router (you can get for less than $20 USD from Amazon) and is supported by hotspotsystem. Then just follow the guide, download their custom firmware from the link on that page and you should have it working without too much trouble. This is the exact way I set one up for a client before, only difference was I used the slightly more expensive TP-Link router. On a side note, I use the TP-Link TL-WR841N in my office and it is a good router, works fine and actually better than one I had before that was 3x the price.


ddwrt if i remember corectly has built in options for a couple of services… think one is tomato hotspot…

The question is if samba pos can read from txt or Excel the value and then to print to receipt. Ideal would be if the value then deleted from txt / Excel. If we can do this then everything else is easy.

Using scripts you can do all sorts of things, text file I know for a fact you can manipulate in scripts.
If you use a radius based system you can use a database which might be even easier.

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