Creating price free items

How do i create price free products on menu because i have some menu items on a specific menu that cone as a complimentary on the house. They are not paid for and have no defined price but they are ordered and made from the kitchen. I created a specific menu for them and its there in fast menu but i jst cant seem to configure them to be served and show on daily report as free items but still reduce in inventory.
I tried gift but i cant hive waiters permission to offer gifts. Please help me

Just enable 0 price orders on ticket type and make a 0 price product?
Or have automation to make gift seperate to the normal gift button that only works for those products or something like that.
Plenty of options.

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Pliz can u help me on how do i enable 0 price orders on a ticket type because the products are already set to 0 price.
Thank you

Manage > Tickets > Ticket Type > Allow 0 Priced Orders

Thnk you guys ot worked…