Creating Template Help

Hey there, I am struggling to create this Ticket Template, but unable to understand the code, all the other things are ready in POS except this Template. Please take a look at the image, I need same Font and same Font Size, if not the same get it close to it. Help me out Please.



If you mean to print with fixed-with fonts you can try creating a div section (if you don’t have already) and set div’s font-family setting as Consolas. You can see a sample here.

@emre Still having some issues regarding the alignment,

Show your template and example print.

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hello , how can i copy the template from ticket template to kitchen template?

Ctrl + C then Ctrl + P :stuck_out_tongue:
What are you wanting to do specificly?
You can duplicate the ticket template and reasign the print job to the new template or coppy the template code.

thank very much JTRTech