Credit Card functionality?

hi let say i have a separate terminal for credit card payment and on samabpos i would like to enter the payment type by master/visa etc and the approval code from the terminal receipt?

how can i handle this on sambapos?

Credit Card payment button is in the standard setup of SambaPOS.
As far as the credit card workflow goes, this is no different than accepting cash at the moment.
Best option is to use Ticket Tags to record the authorisation number against the ticket.

let say if we click on credit card button a parameter screen appear and we enter the details there will that do?
but implementation wise ticket tag is preferred!!!

and how will i do that? thank you for your cooperation

Create Action - CC Auth

Create Rule - CC Auth

End result, when you click Credit Card as payment, you will be asked for a CC Auth and it will be saved as a Ticket Tag on the ticket.

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thanks followed the steps it works