Credit Card Payment Integration

I’m upgrading to V5 and considering adding CC payment integration. On the site I see multiple processors offered. Currently we have Worldpay/Vantiv with 3 Verifone Vx520s running standalone. Questions are:

(1) Is there any particular provider I should go with?
(2) What is the general process?

Yes, you would need to go with an intergrated provider, this type of kntergration isn’t something you can just do yourself with normal automation for any provider.
Where are you located as generally its easier to go through a samba reseller.

Hey Joseph we can set you up with any of those options. I will email you in a moment. I am leading all US operations now. I will reach out shortly. Can you pm me your best contact?

I figured as much. Bellingham, WA. Just sent a response for the tsys integration through the site. I was contacted when originally CC’s were being tested.

Sounds good. I watched the workflow on payment sense, so I’m interested to learn more about the process in addition to what pricing is looking like.

If you can give me your contact, Phone or Email I will contact you. I am open for a phone call right now if you wish.