Credit card tips by payment type

I’ve implemented credit card tips as mentioned in this other topic

I have credit card payment types setup as individual card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc) but at the moment, tips from any card just get associated with CC Tips. I want to be able to know the amount of tips for each payment card type. I know I can do this by just duplicating the functionality for CC Tips for each card type (i.e. CC Tips Visa, CC Tips MC, etc.) but I was wondering if I can just do this via a report.

So for example, on the work period report, I could add a section that shows CC Tips by card type.

Is this possible? I was a bit confused with combining payment types and calculation types in the report when I tried this out.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Markjw do you have underlying Account Transactions for this process? If you do you could separate the payments into separate Accounts at the point of Payment. Sorry we do not use Tips so cannot do a demo for you.

I have the payment types going into separate accounts but using the same account transaction type, here are the accounts:

and the account transaction types:

UPDATE: Just noticed I highlighted the wrong account transaction type in the above screenshot for the credit card transactions. They are using Payment Transaction and not Customer Credit Card Payment.

Sorry was busy making phone calls…
The key (I think) is you will need to split your Tips Accounts based on this syntax:

{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Account Transaction:Customer Accounts}

The syntax will produce a 3 column table based on your Account Transaction i.e. “CC Tip Transaction” and then you specify an Account “CC Tips”. So above you may run into my issue is based on the Syntax if you need to split your tips into Account Type you will need separate Accounts.

That’s my interpretation and check this link:

Hi guys,

referring to the guide Credit Card Tip

I noticed then when I reopen the ticket the Tax charged e.g 15% is also charged on the Tip amount. Is that normal?