Cross Department Sales

We have a setup with 2 departments, Restaurant and Bar. Each have their own Ticket Type and Menu.

The problem is that when the Bar puts drinks on a table in the Restaurant, and the Restaurant goes to settle the Ticket, there are no drinks visible. I know this is a Ticket Type conflict, but how can we resolve it.

I’ve filtered out other ticket types not to display pre-order tickets. I think we should find a good idea for this.

But we’re not using pre-order tickets.
The problem is 2 different ticket types for the same table are not visible when we want to settle then both at the same time in the one department.
And when we settle one ticket, the table becomes available while there is still an open ticket from the other department for that table.

Listing only selected ticket type tickets enables us to create different ticket types for different uses. For example that can be a reservation ticket. When I create a reservation ticket for B15 table I wanted not to display reservation ticket next to regular tickets. I understand this is not a good solution. I’ll try to find a better idea to handle both cases.

I’ve been thinking of ways to deal with this problem.

Maybe something as simple as a tick box in the Ticket Type for Hide From Other Departments.
That way we can selectively hide a Ticket Type from other departments as needed.

The next problem is, can we merge different Ticket Types.

Merging a bar ticket to a restaurant ticket will change ticket type and that will change your reports. I’m strongly thinking we should keep ticket types same and focus on generating department based reports. Since we store order based departments merging tickets does no change.

We should also consider if terminal based menu assignment solves menu configuration issue.

But we will be able to settle both Ticket Types in one Department ?

Since both tickets will have same ticket type we’ll be able to settle them. V4 does not have department restriction.