I would like to print kitchen orders from only one terminal (Terminal 1). I have used the constraint ‘{:CURRENTTERMINAL}’==‘Terminal 1’ as follows

But it doesn’t seem to be working. Can somebody see what I am doing wrong?


Not sure but could you not just map this in the print job mapping.


I could if it was V5 as we can map terminals as part of the print job, but this is V4 and doesn’t have that facility. The execute print job is just one of several actions in the Ticket closing rule, so if I limit it to one terminal, these other (necessary) actions will not be performed from other terminals.


You could move the print action to a separate ticket close rule and sort rules so the one with print is before this one (then without print) so it does same but in two rules with print one mapped only to that terminal.


@JTRTech Thanks for your suggestion. Following your basic idea I have set up two rules, one with print, one without, that are mapped to the different terminals which resolves the immediate problem. I am however still a bit intrigued why ‘{:CURRENTTERMINAL}’==‘Terminal 1’ didn’t work.



You can also try to display that with show message action to see if it works.


That works! Thanks very much