Custom Change price button - Current Price display

Hi Folks,

I followed QmMckay’s tutorial on creating a custom change price button which works great.

I am using the following mask for the numeric keypad which sets the default value to 0

[?Enter New Price;\d+.?\d{0,2};0;OCN;55,56,57|52,53,54|49,50,51|8,48,190]

What I would like to achieve now is to set the default value of the keypad to the current price of the item being amended. Or at least display the current price in the prompt ie: “Old price £1.50 - Enter new price”, or something like that

I have searched the multiple posts in the forum regarding the keypad and I can’t find any clues

Anyone out there have the solution

Many thanks in advance for any help given


The syntax is

[?<caption>;<mask>;<default value>;<settings>;<custom keyboard>]

so guessing this is an order based automation command it should be…

[?Enter New Price;\d+.?\d{0,2};{PRICE};OCN;55,56,57|52,53,54|49,50,51|8,48,190]

Thanks Emre

Works like a charm