Custom Coding to hide buttons or remove buttons

Hi All

How to Disable or hide menu buttons in POS. Please let me know the code for hiding or disabling menu buttons by coding


if they are the hard coded buttons they cannot be changed or removed, there are however a few such as the gift button that can be “hidden” if they are listed on the automated commands section. just select the “button” from the list eg gift, select the mapping option and delete the mapping this will remove the button but retain all its setting so if you decide to add it back you can just add the mapping details back to it

Can you tell us what buttons you want hidden and we can give you a better answer? Just a side note in case its not understood but are you talking about SambaPOS3 or SambaPOS4? Version 3 is open source Version 4 is closed source.

Both versions we may be able to do it without code changes if you give us more info to work with.