Custom Delivery Module

First of all, i want to say hi to everybody. My friend is going to open a new place to sell food so im trying to help him with the software.
After some research, i decided that SambaPos4 is the best alternative.
I have been reading the documentation and i made a lot of progress.

Saying that, im having a problem with this tutorial:

I know that this tutorial is for V3, but i figure it out how to do the first part of the tutorial (Till the part that the tickets are listed in the widgets) After that i have to assign them to a delivery personnel with a single command.

So, here is my question.

Can anybody make the tutorial for V4?
Can anybody connect via TeamViewer to show me how do i have to do?

I m not a programmer and im not understanding how automation command work (the part of the loop)

Thanks to all for the help you can provide me.

Best Regards,


There is a new version of that tutorial, but it is for V5. I suggest you look at that as it works a lot better than the previous one. V5 also gives you a lot more new features over V4.

Regarding the old V3 tutorial, if you don’t want to go with V5, then follow the V3 one on V4 then post specifics about what doesn’t work, including screenshots. Without that, nobody can really help you.

NOTE: The V5 tutorial will not work on V4!

I would strongly recommend using version 5 customer delivery. it has enhanced features.
if you wish to play with version 4 you can download the SambaPOS4_delivery (158.3 KB from below link.

Markjw, morshed1, Thanks for your answers.
I will look into it.
Best Regards,

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Markjw, morshed1,
I followed your advice,
I download V5, and made everything work as the tutorial says.
I have a little doubt respect the google map.
My customers entitie has some custom fields, so i need to concatenate 2 fields to give the complete address.
For example in one field i have the address, and in the other one is the neighbor.{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address}&hl=en

How can i add the other field? I tried a few things, but its not working.

One more thing, do you know where can i translate the words in the red square. I cant find them.

Thanks again for your help.


{ENTITY DATA:Customer:OtherFieldName}

The only part you can change is the Entity Name. So you can change Customer and Deliverer. Other parts cannot be changed.

Note that if you change the Entity Name, it will also need to be changed everywhere else in your system, most importantly, in your Actions and Rules.

Thanks for your reply.
I need to put the other field between the first field and the &hl

&daddr={ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address},Other_Field,Third Field&hl

Google, reads the addresses in the following way.

Address, neighbour, country.

In my first field, i have the address, so i need the second field and probably the third one.

Thanks again,

Regards,{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address},{ENTITY DATA:Customer:OtherFieldName},{ENTITY DATA:Customer:ThirdFieldName}&hl=en

What are the names of the Custom Data Fields? Show your Customer Entity Type settings.

It would be like this.{ENTITY DATA:Customer:direccion},{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Barrio},{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Pais}&hl=en

In this way, it adds a , (comma) between each field?? I need to add it a comma also between each field.


Yes. It just replaces {ENTITY DATA:Customer:X} Tags with the data held in that field for that Customer Entity. Be aware: the Field Names and Tag Names are cAse-seNsiTive.

Ok! i will try this!
thanks a lot for your help!