Custom Entity Screen

@Jesse from u r support I have made it working live and I have a custom entity screen called all orders what I want is to show all orders tables,customers, Priya Card( Entity), if possible hold orders so I can select and open ticket it all working fine but once I print bill ticket is disappers? as I followed customers entity screen for Another Entity screen called Priya cards its not changing colors I played with these and all messed up now.
I tried all states and left empty still facing issue need help on this thanks.

You have messed with States. States are a very powerful asset in SambaPOS but you can mess up your entire flow if your not sure what your doing. Settings > States is where you define a state for changing color. You do not have to create states there to use states that is simply so you can define them for color changes and reporting visibility.

Entities and Tickets share Status and have states for Status accordingly. Available is a state of Status for example to show a color change of an entity when it enters Available state.

You should not mess with default states if your not 100% sure in what your doing. Instead create a new State Name for it to use and test various states with that. I also recommend you researching States more because like I said your entire system can break if you mess with states when your not sure.

If you dont mind messing things up and figuring out the mess then by all means its good practice go ahead and try some things. Just backup your progress before.

@kendash Thanks for great support I have made it work but only the one issue is now if custome entity screen ticke t lister not showing after print bill , tables are showing customers are showing but ticket lister disappear after the print bill? any suggetions thanks.

when you print bill is that before or after payment?

Do any states change when pressing print bill button?

You need to make sure the ticket lister is set to display any order states that are used

For example when change the price of an item it adds an order state for the reason why eg goodwill gesture. I opened my ticket lister after this change and the item with the goodwill gesture state didnt show, i had to enter the ticket lister settings and add the additional state in the settings so that it showed up

Enable don’t hide ticket lister setting… lol. OK sorry. j/k

@gsreddy are you sure that sentence will help us on understanding the issue? Maybe my poor English but I couldn’t understand what you are asking. Can you show us a screen shot to let us understand what do you mean by Ticket Lister disappearing?

@emre sorry for the missing words as when typed it was fine any way the issue was Custom entity screen ticket lister diasappear after print bills and not settled , I been trying since few days changing all states New Orders,Bill Requested,Unpaid but still having the same problem

Ticket lister reads states… so if you set it to filter for New Orders… when a ticket State is New Orders it will show that ticket… if you set it to filter for Bill Requested then it will only show tickets that are in State Bill Requested.

You dont mean the ticket lister is disappeared you mean the tickets disappeared from the ticket lister?

@kendash Thanks for that yes tickets missing not lister sorry for that in lister settings the state is set to unpaid thanks.

Please see my response in a different post… Please lets try and keep this discussion in one thread this is getting confusing.

you need to add as many states as possible after unpaid in the settings so the tickets with those states show. separate them with commas e.g