Custom image field

Is there a custom image field I can add to Sambapos. I read on the version 4 forums that it was possible but cant find it. Add an image field to customer details.

Add a regular “string” Custom Field to the Entity Type:

Enable Use State Display Format for the Entity Screen:

Update the Entity State(s) to use a Format:

Update the Entity to populate the Custom Data “Picture” field with the path and filename of the image you want to use:

This is how it looks on an Entity Grid Widget:


There is another similar method you can use when using an Entity Screen set to “Search” Mode…

Edit the Entity Screen Detail Template:


<block 5><img 10 100 100>{ENTITY DATA:Picture}</img></block>
<block 5 transparent left 300>
<size 50>{ENTITY NAME}</size><br/>
{ENTITY DATA:Phone}<br/>

Now when you search for Entity, you can see the Details…