Custom multiple invoice number

hi, i want to know how to put 4 buttom in order screen
each buttom when i clicked will do a command to give a custom invoice number
so i want each of one invoice number have a secuence
this is for work with goverment invoice number called COMPROBANTES
i can give to ticket no.5 a custom invoice number generated for buttom 1 we can say custominvoicenumber 8
i can give to ticket no.6 a custom invoice number generated for buttom 3
if i press in ticket no.10 the buttom 3 the custom invoice number must be taken form the last number generated in this case will give me 9.

@gerlandog do you have any idea what COMPROBANTES is?

Do you mean each button has it own sequence?
For ex last number for
Button 1 is 11
Button 2 is 22
Button 3 is 31
When click button 1 next number will be 12
When click button 2 next number will be 23

Something like that?

yes thats im talking about sukasem

Numero Comprobante Fiscal, NCF we use in some countrys of latin america cus we needs invoice number thats the goverment give to can make a invoice. in our case we have four types and every customer ask the NCF Number Thats he needs

Would these not be ticket types?
You can then easily use four different ticket number generators.

the problem is i want to show it in all tickets type in delivery n restaurant and take out and having the same secuence, im thinking in use ticket tags after reading this but doing automation command buttons to show the secuence

You would need to use program settings, read the current value, use it to tag the ticket then increase the setting up one.

automation command “CREDITO FISCAL

thats im trying to do!!! hehe

OK, so whats your question :stuck_out_tongue:

is not working :sweat_smile: i dont know what im doing wrong will try to do it again n send it you screen pics if something is bad

is not much help…
if it were me I would add a hidden ticket state along with the tag and map these buttons to state= so these buttons can only be used once per ticket.

Make your automation commands first…

show me how can i do it. sorry im new on this just have couple of days implementing this pos

Sorry, working on my own projects and don’t have time to guide you through every step but happy to guide.

ty is working now with ticket tags
but i have a problem number format is 00000001 0000002
and just giving me 1 2

is working how can i change the format to 8 numbers show 2 as 0000002 1 as 00000002
and how can i use buttoms not so big

Try [=F('{TICKET TAG:xxx}','00000000')]


AFAIK, Buttons on the left are fixed size. So, no you can’t make it smaller.

You could combine them in to a single automation command and use command value list.
Would look like this;

or use an ask question with 4 buttons for the number types.

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