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I am currently setting up Samba POS for a 2 story high restaurant having the kitchen on one floor and the restaurant on the other, Currently on our old POS we have the option to choose the table and there is a button called “Table is clear”. What the button does is it sends a message to the kitchen printer with the message “Table X is clear”. Then the kitchen staff know that they can prepare the main courses for table X.

My Question is: is this possible and if so how can I do this on Samba?

I really appreciate the help I receive

You could do that or you could create a better flow so the waiter sends only the orders that should be prepared. You could setup a State flow so that waiter takes the orders all of the courses and then selects which course should be sent to kitchen and press button it would only send that course to kitchen. This would allow kitchen to be more efficient they just prepare what comes up on screen and no need to look at a special note. Kitchen presses order ready to tell waiter when order is ready to go out.

Look up and study States as well as courses. Utilize the search function of the forum and look through tutorials section of forum.


There are several options to do this.

  1. You could create a button with a note to the Kitchen “Table xx Clear”
  2. If you would have a Kitchen Display, you could create a Entity page wit a on off toggle button like the All Tables page.

So importend is to know your new setup.

@Peter_Cijsouw I have laser printers, how can I create a button?

I have several Buttons, for example WiFi what print the WiFi Password.

You should only implement the Notes “Table xx Clear”

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hi @Peter_Cijsouw I have managed to create the button thanks to your help, just one last question, in the Automation > Automation Commands what is the mapping you use for the Visibility ?

Many Thanks

You don’t need to assign User Role (Visible for all)