Custom Product Tag: Is is possible with action constraints in Rules?


I’m trying to get this work to work, but unsure how if this is possible with constraints? I’m using custom product tag to group products called Order Group into 3 groups, Burgers, Shakes, Others.

I’d like to achieve the following:
Print Receipt action always gets executed ( when order contains Order Group either from Burgers OR Shakes OR Others ) >> Currently working as expected

Print Receipt Burger action don’t get fired when the order ONLY contains items from the Order Group : Burgers
Case 1, order ONLY contains items from Others group >> don’t get executed ( Currently working as expected)
Case 2, order ONLY contains items from Burgers group >> don’t get executed (not currently working)
Case 3, order contains items from Burgers and Others group >> get executed (not currently working)

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Strugling to understand exactly what your trying to do but wouldnt this be done using print job mapping, although wouldnt work based on custom tag?
Posibly an order added rule to transfer the order tag into an order state which can be defined within the print action fields.
Alternativly there might be an option to use the count orders report tag (I have used before but doing states on orders which could easily be added to your setup in the previously mention order added custom tag != blank the update order state ‘Order Group’ with {ITEM TAG:Order Group}

Not sure if there is a custom tag expression for this report tag but if you did set a state based on tag at order adding could be made to work.

This was my tag in a constraint for setting price on ‘package items’ for half board guests.

{TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:(OS.Package=Package) AND (OS.Kitchen Course=Mains)}

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