Custom report by hour


If you get an error like this:

ExecuteReader: CommandText property has not been initialized.

Logout and Login, then try viewing the Report again.

Changes to SQL or JScript usually require Save, Logout, Login for changes to take effect.

The error can also indicate there is an error in your Script syntax.


i already done login and lout and restart but it show
ExecuteRader message again and again boss

Am I right doing Jscript because this my first time to used JScript so maybe i wrong i follow above all our brother show


That’s not jscript that is SQL


so brother this sql need to be create at report or here sorry i really dont know that why i asking sorry if i make hard time for u


No it should be a script. It looks like you did it correctly. Do you have any data?


You need to create ALL the scripts that you are calling in the Report.

The Report calls 4 Scripts. You only show 2 Scripts.

Either create all 4 scripts, or remove the @@handlers from the Report for the Scripts that you don’t have.