Custom report HOURLY - Solved!

im looking to get a custom report but not sure where to start, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

ok so i need to get an HOURLY report of the sales, basically i want to find out whats being sold in a specific gap of time
and by whats being sold i mean the item report and $$ amount
today sales from 10am to 2pm
or Month Sales from 10am -2 pm

not sure if this is even possible, to do, i want to find out at what times sales are the highest since this particular restaurant is open 20 hours a day

Thank you for your help

Using search feature can help you…

I have been using this, that was developed with help of a lot of people from here…

[Tickets por Hora:1, 1, 1, 1]
>Time|Ticket Count|Total|Percent
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:FT([T.Time],'hh'),T.TicketNumber.Count,[T.TotalAmount.Sum]-[CA.Discount.Sum]-[CA.Discount Fixed.Sum]-[CA.Taxa de Entrega.Sum],T.TotalAmount.Percent}
>Total:|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber.Count,[T.TotalAmount.Sum]-[CA.Discount.Sum]-[CA.Discount Fixed.Sum]-[CA.Taxa de Entrega.Sum],T.TotalAmount.Percent}

[ORDERS:1, 1, 1, 1]
>Time|Order Count|Total|Percent
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:FT([O.Time],'hh'),O.Id.Count,O.Total.Sum,O.Total.Percent}
>Total:|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Id.Count,O.Total.Sum,O.Total.Percent}

It has two partes, one for ticket by hour, and the oter orders by hour



NICE!!! works perfect! thats exactly what we needed!

Thank you very much!

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Thanks this is really useful. Is this calculating the numbers based on start time?