Custom Report: Need help to show state in report

hi i am new to reports need to make a report that can show details report of an order

like in my case i want to show how many people share this order

will really appreciate

thanks in ADVANCE

What does [quote=“madiha, post:1, topic:3171”]
how many people share this order
[/quote] mean?


well i mean how many people are sharing this dish

u can refer to details here

so what you want is how many people ORDERED a specifi dish…


is that correct?


something like this:
1 Hummus
1 Kunefe
1 Olives

Sharing 5 PAX

how many people are sharing one order

I am on the phone now. For that ypu need to use the order detail tag. There is a post covering custom report tags made by @Jesse. Take a look there.


By order do you mean ticket?

yes show each ticket with order details

So your storing how many people share a ticket using a ticket tag?

yes using ticket tag

still thinking how the layout of the report should be?

You would need to get your data from the ticket tag. Design anything else you may want on the report. Study Custom Reports tutorial to get idea of how to setup your structure.

I’m compiling some information about Custom Reports atm.


Awesome I was just thinking few days ago we needed something like this which is why I tried to compile tags into a locked thread. Thank you @emre this is great.

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ya thankyou @emre easy to learn now

need assistance why my last column layout giving problem

I think that the columns that do not show and have not a sepparator line do have NULL values.


it seems it does have null values as can see below

how can i set this?

set what? NULL values are that, empty space… there is nothing to show…


to put a separator for better layout